Checklist for selecting the right consulting partner

Environmentally Sustainable business processes: Here’s what you should consider when choosing your consulting and software partners.

Do you want to make your business and your process landscape sustainable and thus future-proof for the environment? With our checklist, we provide you with assistance in choosing your project partners for consulting and software.

Why sustainable business processes for the environment are likely to transform from nice-to-have to common business norm in the near future,  is something we recently highlighted in our blog post 5 steps to green Business Processes .

When it comes to implementing their sustainability goals, many companies decide to have an external consultant accompany them – especially when it comes to selecting and introducing suitable software support. Experience has also shown that the subsequent change process is often smoother and more successful when it is managed by a partner with the appropriate best practices. But what needs to be considered specifically in sustainability projects when selecting a suitable consulting and software partner?

1. Technical know-how. As with any other project, the first question to ask is what pool of knowledge the partner of choice can draw on. In which industries is the consulting firm active? Can it demonstrate best practices and/or relevant publications in the area of sustainability? What specific sustainability goals have been focused on, and do these fit in with the sustainability issues? Will your company’s business activities have a particular impact on them? Which sustainability standards does the consulting firm regularly work with? Whether EMAS, ISO 14001 or the German Sustainability Code (DNK) – does the consulting offer fit with what you have in mind for your sustainability project?

2. Mindset. Currently, sustainability is top of mind in many organizations. There is hardly a consulting firm that does not have some form of green or social issues in its portfolio and actively advertises them. Regardless of whether this involves green energy procurement, general sustainability consulting or the implementation of the Supply Chain Act. Filtering out the true mentality of a potential consulting partner from this is not easy. In addition to the technical background, however, the mindset and thus the credibility of the project partner play a major role, especially in the implementation of sustainability projects – after all, it is particularly important to involve the employees across all levels. A consulting firm that focuses on profit maximization behind the green cloak will hardly be able to act convincingly. Look for a consulting partner at eye level who has demonstrably integrated sustainability goals into its own business strategy and consistently lives up to them. Useful clues can be awards  or that the consulting firm itself uses the GSC. Don’t be afraid to ask, especially in areas that are important for your focus topics.

The first two points already give you a good insight into, what to look for when choosing the right consulting partner. This decision can strongly influence the future of your sustainable environment. In the second part of this blog, you will learn more about the three other points of our checklist. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always contact our team.

About the author: 

Stephan Gindert
Manager at Cofinpro AG




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