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I’m a little jazzed.  Not full on “jazz hand” mode, but something a little south of that.  Before I go all “Chicago” on you, let me explain why.  One responsibility I have is to organize the content for our iGrafx Customer Conference, which this year will be in Orlando in October. Over the last several weeks I’ve been talking to people that use iGrafx who are excited to present at the conference. Many of them are leading the charge in their organizations to figure out how to do business better. The titles vary – Operational Excellence, Design and Innovation, Quality, Performance Improvement – but what they all have in common is that they are trying to create value for their company by improving the way work is done. Each of them has a different story about their journey, depending on where along the path the company was when they came on board, and depending on where their priorities for improvement are.

Hearing these stories is inspiring, from a proud professional perspective, because it is thrilling to hear how our products and services are helping people do their jobs better and enabling entire companies to transform the way they do business. But I’m sure when they get together in a room, they will be equally inspired when they listen to each other. It’s fascinating to hear how they compare and contrast to the others: one company has gotten all of their process knowledge centralized but hasn’t been able to get their COE organized yet. Another has embarked on business architecture but doesn’t know if they are ready for what-if analysis to be part of their approach. Yet another company made sure that simulation was part of their initiative from the get-go, seeing it as a critical skill to enable further process excellence work.

Each of these companies has come at process excellence from different angles, and each has a wealth of lessons learned to share with others in similar roles that are tackling similar problems. Our goal for the conference isn’t training per se, but it is learning – learning from peers about what they are doing that’s working for them. I expect this will also be inspiring to those that will join us in Orlando to hear all these stories for themselves, and will yield some exciting new ideas to take back home.

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