Harness the Power of Process Knowledge

Defining the need for Process Knowledge Management

In today’s global economy and competitive environment, effective process documentation and process performance are key to an organization’s success. Having a place to centrally store, manage, and share that information is also important. This is where Process Knowledge Management Systems (PKMS) come in.

Process Knowledge Management is exactly what its name implies. It is a method of storing and managing your organizations internal process knowledge. Process Knowledge Management is, in essence, a collection of all your core business process documentation along with any supporting and procedural information necessary to ensure their success.

Prozesse dokumentieren A Process Knowledge Management System allows users to define process documentation, capture process knowledge from subject matter experts (managers or employees), then use that knowledge to train current and future employees on the appropriate work procedures. These may include process instruction manuals, job aids or process walkthroughs for workers to use as references during their daily work tasks. Additionally, by harnessing the collective experience of people working in the business, organizations can better understand how changes affect different regions or departments, design or improve business continuity plans, and gain valuable insight that might not have been discovered any other way. When coupled with other technologies such as process mining, organizations gain deeper understanding of how their processes truly work. This further enables the ability to discover and correct areas of potential inefficiencies and serve as a launch pad for automation that further improves process performance and customer satisfaction.

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides all these capabilities and more. With iGrafx, organizations can not only capture their process knowledge, train, and on-board employees faster, BUT also have transparency of the underlying business architecture such as supporting processes, technology, and potential risks and compliance issues that may arise. Additionally, analyze, define, and measure process performance to identify and automate various aspect of the process to improve execution, efficiency, and execution.

Contact us to learn more, about how the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform and our built-in  process knowledge management system can help your company harness the power of your process knowledge.

Melany Joy Beck
August 16, 2021

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