Munich Airport: Process Goals Come From Corporate Strategy

According to a recent survey by PwC’s strategy consultancy, just under a third (32 percent) of German companies have a clearly defined strategy and 19 percent say they have no strategy at all. Does that surprise you? Furthermore, the majority of German managers are not convinced their corporate strategy can be successful.

The success of corporate management and strategy stands or falls with the holistic management of processes. Process thinking is thus playing an increasingly important role in the context of corporate strategy and is becoming more of a focus for successful companies – or at least it should be! But what does “process thinking” actually mean? Process thinking means thinking in end-to-end processes rather than in hierarchical structures. It’s important that the process goes through different functions in the business. In order to be able to take significant steps to implement the corporate strategy, clear process goals for strategically relevant processes are crucial and these should determine the thoughts and actions of all employees.Eliminate any process objective that doesn’t support or directly track strategic business goals.

Sustainability through the top-down approach

Strategic corporate goals can either cascade down to create process goals, or process goals can be built up to align with them. Regardless of the direction, complete alignment with the corporate strategy is crucial for process goals to sustainably support the company’s objectives.

Start by depicting the main processes in a process map, arranging them as core processes along the value chain. Next, gradually assess the underlying processes. By focusing on these essentials and employing BPM as a top-down approach, you gain control and optimize service delivery within the company. This approach makes performance measurements more intuitive and meaningful, allowing you to judge performance against corporate goals directly.

This is also how our customer Jürgen Weiß, Head of Process Management & Benchmarking at Munich Airport sees it:

“With our process management system, we want to make a significant and measurable contribution to process-oriented performance optimization at the airport. I can “paint” processes with many tools. However, our goals lie overall in an integrated management system that maps the different requirements in a single platform. This includes the derivation and control of the process goals from the corporate strategy. It also includes the integration and control of the GRC components and their interactions. With the integration of process data in iGrafx, we achieve a corporate platform which allows flexibility. It also future-proofs the diverse requirements for our processes in transparency and documentation, control, as well as operational security. And this is from the individual process participants to the management team.”

This is much easier said than done. But thanks to our expertise, iGrafx can support you from strategy to efficient, operational implementation. Introduce process management as an integral part of successful corporate management. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

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