New and Improved Comments

Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide, receive, manage, and document feedback when reviewing a diagram? We think so and with the proper tools you can.

Good collaboration among team members is invaluable in any company. Our team at iGrafx experiences this first hand, so we set out to build a platform that provides the means to do just that. We asked ourselves “what makes for good collaboration?” The answer: A clean platform that allows all comments to be seen and easily accessed, the ability to provide and receive feedback, and “unread” notifications so that no comment goes unnoticed. With these in mind we built our new and improved commenting feature for diagrams for 17.2.

Interested in the specifics? Just keep on reading!

Users can add comments to a diagram by simply clicking on the comment icon and placing the comment wherever they like. Don’t like where you placed your comment? No need to worry. Just drag the comment icon to a new location on the diagram. Users can also move open comments so that they don’t hinder a user and get in their way.

After a comment has been added and saved, it is flagged as unread. Unread notifications signal to team members that a new comment has been made. Once a comment has been opened it is immediately flagged as read for that viewer. Want to get back to a viewed comment later? Simply flag the opened comment as unread by clicking the comment icon on the top left corner. Note, this will not affect other team members. This is simply for your own viewing purposes.

Team members can participate in a discussion by opening a comment and hitting the reply button. Once a reply is posted, a comment thread is made. In addition to adding and replying to comments, authors can delete and edit their comments. To delete a comment, just hit the delete button.

To edit a comment, double click on the comment itself and make any changes you like. Note, these options may not be available to all users depending on whether they have the rights to do so. For example, a user cannot edit a comment that does not belong to him or her. And user also cannot delete another user’s comment unless special rights, such as admin rights, permit them to do so. 

Lastly, we have provided the option to view comments in a list. Trust us when we say we know it’s fun to place comments all over a diagram, however, that may make them a bit tedious to view. Don’t worry, you don’t have to click around the diagram to view all comments. Our comment list allows users to see all comments made on a diagram in addition to their replies in a single location.

The list view also allows for deleting and editing comments as well as the ability to reply to comments. Want to view a specific comment in the list? Just click the on comment. The selected comment will be opened along with its replies.

Have any comments and or questions about our comment feature? Feel free to reach out to our team here at iGrafx. Thanks for reading!

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