Your Employees Are Going to Leave You, Are You Ready?

Workers Are Rethinking….Well….Work

The pandemic has changed how we live. Some were temporary changes, like those few months where I disinfected groceries before bringing them into the house. (What, you didn’t?) Some changes are permanent – workers everywhere are rethinking where and how they want to work.

It’s easy to see this trend from the employee’s perspective. If I can work from home all the time, where do I really want to live? Must I pay sky high rents if my commute doesn’t matter? Can I work while traveling? Maybe each month I can rent a new AirBNB in a new city and see the entire country, all while working for the same company. (I have a friend doing this right now and having a blast. No, I’m not at all jealous!)

Enter the Great Resignation

According to a survey from Bankrate,  a consumer financial services company, 55 percent of Americans who are in the workforce will search for a new job over the next twelve months. As more offices begin to re-open, some companies are mandating employees come back in, others are offering hybrid models, and still others are saying – do what works for you. At the end of it, your employees are going to rethink all of it.

Let us then consider this trend from the employer’s perspective. You may have many employees with deep company and industry knowledge leave your organization, like soon.

While we hope you and your management team are ensuring your organization remains competitive in talent acquisition, you must prepare for people leaving. Don’t put all your eggs in the talent retention basket.

Your People Will Take Critical Company Process Knowledge with them.
Are you Ready?

The only way to prevent unexpected slowdown, inefficiencies, and revenue loss form employee churn is to ensure all your business processes are documented and shared across the organization. Now, I get that no one can replace Simon when he leaves. But what if you were able to pull up all of Simon’s processes, business interactions, and flows so that you can quickly recognize key gaps and begin to fill them even before he has fully logged out of Slack? We will all miss his Friday Fun Memes.

Business Continuity Planning Starts with Process Documentation

Make sure your business has a continuity plan in place. That plan will start with a deep, thorough documentation of every process at your company related to key functions. You want to ensure an employee departure does not equate to disruption in customer delivery, billings, support, or fulfillment.

Sounds daunting? Of course. This where iGrafx comes in. We have done this exact step for over 30 years at some of the largest companies in the world. Our Business Transformation Platform allows organizations to capture, store, and manage processes and all related information with minimal company disruption.

So, before YOU start looking for an AirBnB to work remotely during the winter season, make a list. First thing – make sure your company is competitive in retaining its top talent. Offer your employees new and flexible ways to work and contribute. Second – document, record, and understand your critical workflows and processes. As employees look for the next big thing, make sure their departure does not wreak havoc on servicing your customers. Let us show you how. Contact us.


Veena Vadgama
Senior Vice President of Marketing at iGrafx

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