Managing Beyond System and Departmental Boundaries

HP adopts iGrafx as key part of its SAP implementation methodology for ERP systems

The Story

Hewlett Packard has chosen to include iGrafx for SAP to complement its SAP implementation service methodology. iGrafx provides industry leading business modeling and analysis solutions.

iGrafx was selected because it supports implementation best practices that allow us to deliver superior ERP systems and services that fully address customer requirements,” says Jörg Tischler, Delivery Manager at HP Enterprise Application Services.

Specifically designed to support enterprise architecture and quality improvement initiatives, the iGrafx solution also effectively facilitates compliance and risk management. This ensures that ERP solutions will operate at the highest levels of efficiency: people, processes, and technology resources will be effectively aligned with corporate strategies.

The Solution

iGrafx for SAP works by extending the iGrafx Platform to include SAP processes. The SAP Solution Manager provides a technical view of objects, transactions, scenarios and other business elements in various SAP modules and systems. This information is synchronized with the iGrafx solution and made available for modeling. Since existing organization models, hierarchies, and transactions are synchronized in both solutions, users have a consistent view of business processes, enabling them to create the appropriate IT functionality.

With iGrafx corporate departments and those responsible for IT have the same view of business and technical processes,” says Tischler. “Because all the key players gain a joint understanding of company business processes, the company deploys the right functionality to support the desired business processes. System analysts use actual data, and not just data that exists only in the form of theoretical models.”

The Benefits

iGrafx provides a link between business functionality and IT solutions connecting with one or multiple SAP ® Solution Manager blueprint projects. It also provides highly valuable frameworks and reference models for gap, risk and impact analysis, including the creation of comprehensive reports.

A full-featured process analysis and modeling tool of iGrafx makes it easy for business process analysts to understand and improve business processes prior to implementation. A graphical representation of processes allows users to easily comprehend critical information and quickly resolve bottlenecks and other issues.

With the iGrafx solution, problems can be very effectively avoided well before actual implementation begins,” explains Tischler. “Because of the early input of stakeholders, the number of Requests for Changes is significantly reduced. Also the stress on project participants is minimized and costs are kept low.”

HP and iGrafx worked together to hone the solution that HP now uses in their application services offerings and showcases in their SAP showroom environment for clients in Germany.

The iGrafx tools help us with an easy-to-use approach, with the right level of comprehensive features so we can quickly start SAP projects without a large lead time for setup and subsequent training efforts,” said Tischler.

The modular design of iGrafx makes it the ideal Business Process Analysis (BPA) solution for SAP portfolio customers. Individual analysis areas can be easily enhanced or expanded as required.


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