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Leadership Team

Ryan Tognazzini
Chief Executive Officer Read Bio

Ryan Tognazzini

Chief Executive Officer

Along with leading worldwide operations, Ryan is also responsible for the overall strategy and growth of iGrafx. Ryan’s extensive experience at fueling company innovation and driving business performance previously as a Principal at SBI, and GM of Cintas in San Francisco, lends itself well to expanding the footprint of iGrafx as we look to drive business performance for our customers through the achievement of process excellence with our powerful suite of solutions.

Ryan believes that the increasingly competitive world that companies are faced with can only be met with applying evidence-based methodologies and solutions that yield the results they need to thrive and achieve their operational goals.

Ed Maddock
Chief Technology Officer Read Bio

Ed Maddock

Chief Technology Officer

Ed is responsible for the design, development, delivery and positioning of all iGrafx products, and works closely with Sales, Professional Services, Support and Marketing at iGrafx Headquarters. With more than 25 years of experience supporting business process management solutions, as well as delivering process services to help companies optimize their business, Ed continues to lead company efforts to enhance and maintain its position as a recognized leader in the marketplace. Starting with his co-founding adventure at AdvanEdge Technologies, Ed has been a driving force of leading process solution development throughout iGrafx history. Prior to that, he held senior engineering management positions at Motorola and Mentor Graphics.

Ed firmly believes in the concept of developing both passion and credibility in anything you do. That approach is channeled into delivering easy-to-use products that satisfy complex requirements, and providing customer satisfaction with unrivaled technical support. Ed works to instill that same type of passion in his teams, ensuring the best possible outcomes for everything iGrafx delivers.

Jamey Heinze
Chief Marketing Officer Read Bio

Jamey Heinze

Chief Marketing Officer

Since his first professional position with Xerox more than 25 years ago, Jamey has been a huge proponent of viewing all business interactions through the eyes of the customer.  The approach has served well across a career that has included tenure in sales, product management and the end-to-end leadership of marketing organizations.

As CMO at iGrafx, Jamey is responsible for enriching the brand, amplifying market awareness and creating additional demand for what he believes is the best solution in the market.  Prior to joining iGrafx, Jamey was the Vice President of Marketing for Austin-based Hostway, the CMO In-Residence for Predictive Science, as well as the CMO for Hearst-owned CDS Global. In his career as a marketing leader, Heinze has been instrumental in branding, demand generation, product development, launch and strategy.

Armin Trautner
Managing Director EMEA Read Bio

Armin Trautner

Managing Director EMEA

Armin is responsible for all business operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has been a well-known presence within the Business Process Management industry, previously serving as managing director for Micrografx EMEA where he spearheaded sales development and activity throughout the region. Armin has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including positions at Siemens-Nixdorf and Informix, and evosoft Kommunikationstechnik GmbH.

Armin has a strong belief in teamwork and commitment as evidenced by the tight-knit community he has built of international colleagues and partners, and which strengthens their ability to positively service iGrafx customers.

Aaron Bozeman
Vice President of Sales, North America Read Bio

Aaron Bozeman

Vice President of Sales, North America

Aaron has 25 years of BPM experience, spread across more than a dozen industries. Over these years he has transitioned back and forth between being an iGrafx employee and an iGrafx customer at three Fortune 500 companies in various BPM leadership and practitioner roles. The value he brings to our customers is that he has spent many years in their shoes and knows what it takes for them to excel. His passion for our customers’ success will be evident in any conversation you have with him; from a new enterprise wide BPM deployment, to process maturity planning, to an individual process improvement or design project.

Aaron is a Pacific Northwest native and avid cyclist living in a cycling playground of pavement and trails.

Taito Nakagawa
Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific & Latin America Read Bio

Taito Nakagawa

Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific & Latin America

Taito directs business, sales, marketing and business development in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions. In his more than 20 years of working, he had filled a similar position at Micrografx and Corel. As President and Chief Executive of the Japanese office, Taito has built strong relationships with our customers and partners, based primarily on trust and integrity. To further strengthen these ties in his region, his main focus is on simplifying corporate processes and driving performance.

Taito strongly believes that companies in transition must be supported as the global business changes and grows in sophistication.

Mark Bednarski
Vice President of Product Read Bio

Mark Bednarski

Vice President of Product

Mark leads the product management group and the agile product roadmap, steering the direction for all of our solutions. He loves our products, the people at iGrafx, and our customers. Mark works very closely with our customers, listening to their needs and ensuring those needs are transferred into new product functionalities to help meet the challenges they face. He’s thrilled to see our customers successfully achieve their goals by applying our software.

Mark, a Certified Six Sigma Blackbelt, with a certification in the LEADing Practice Methodology, has a long history with iGrafx. For over 10 years, he has held many roles within iGrafx – first with our office in Munich, and currently in our Tualatin, Oregon headquarters. Mark, along with Michael Nyman in Product Development, changed the development process from Waterfall to Agile, allowing iGrafx to react quickly to customer needs by providing frequent incremental releases.

His ability to quickly switch between a bird’s eye overview to the detailed nuts and bolts allows him to stay in control of the many moving parts in product development. It also allows him to communicate fluently between the worlds of customers, management and software engineering. Mark also has a large vertical range in his private life: He enjoys hiking and climbing up the Oregon mountains and in the past he had thrilling deep adventures in the cold German lakes as a technical SCUBA and rebreather diver.

Michael Nyman
Vice President of Engineering Read Bio

Michael Nyman

Vice President of Engineering

Michael has a long history with iGrafx. He originally started as a developer where he was the architect of the original Process Central. Over the years he’s played a major part in nearly every product iGrafx has developed. Working with Mark Bednarski, he successfully converted the development process from waterfall to agile while simultaneously leading the team that re-imagined and re-architected our flagship product. He loves the dynamics of the people on the team and is proud of the vibe they exude as well as the quality of their work.

Michael grew up on a farm and loves the outdoors and gardening and his office is filled with plants. He plays a lot of piano and a little guitar and he’s been known to beat people at chess while blindfolded. His ability to find memory stomps and resource leaks in windows programs and embedded systems is world class.

Bart Davis
Vice President, Finance Read Bio

Bart Davis

Vice President, Finance

Bart has been with iGrafx since 2014 and is responsible for all things accounting and finance. After beginning his career in public accounting with PwC, Bart has since worked with iGrafx and its sister company Packet Design in increasing capacities from Senior Accountant through Vice President of Finance, ushering Packet Design to a successful exit in 2018 in the process.

Bart is passionate about delivering timely, insightful financial data and reporting to provide departmental leaders with the ability to make well-informed business decisions. When he’s not buried in analysis and budgeting, Bart enjoys playing tennis and soccer, and spending time with his wife and their two dogs.


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