When is Permission Required?

The use of iGrafx trademarks almost always requires written permission from iGrafx. On occasion, however, permission is not required provided you adhere to certain guidelines regarding the use of trademarks. The following guidelines are provided to help you to determine if permission is necessary.

  1. Referential Use
    You may use iGrafx trademarks or product names (but not logos) to refer specifically to iGrafx products provided your use is not disparaging, and provided your use does not mislead the public as to iGrafx sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement of your company, products or services. Please refer to the Guidelines for Using iGrafx Trademarks for specific information on proper trademark usage. For a list of iGrafx registered trademarks and their proper attribution, please refer to the iGrafx Registered Trademark List.
  2. Titles
    You may make referential use, but not brand use, of iGrafx trademarks in single volume book titles (not series, periodicals or magazines), provided that such books do not use any iGrafx logos or trade dress; and provided the title page or copyright page includes a disclaimer of association with iGrafx.
  3. Product Logos and Trade Dress
    iGrafx logos and trade dress may never be used by third parties except under a license or by following written guidelines from iGrafx. Please contact the Permissions Department to request permission to use iGrafx logos.
  4. Corporate Logo
    The iGrafx corporate logo(s) may only be used by third parties who are authorized by iGrafx to do so. If you are simply referring to “iGrafx, LLC” or “iGrafx” as a trade name, no trademark symbol is required and no logo should be used. If you are referring to “iGrafx products”, the registered trademark symbol may appear either at the upper right or at the baseline of the word “iGrafx”, but the iGrafx corporate logo(s) should not be used. If you wish to use the iGrafx corporate logo(s) and you are not currently authorized to do so, please contact the Permissions Department to request permission.
  5. Domain Names
    iGrafx does not allow third parties to use ” iGrafx “, “FlowCharter”, “Swimlane” or any other iGrafx trademarks or product names in an Internet domain name.
  6. Linking
    iGrafx does not object to you placing a link on your Web site to the iGrafx Web site, provided you comply with the guidelines for linking to www.igrafx.com.

Simple rules regarding the use of iGrafx trademarks

The following are general guidelines for the use of iGrafx trademarks. If you are a party to an agreement with iGrafx, please consult the terms and conditions of such agreement as it may contain special provisions regarding your use of iGrafx trademarks.

  1. Use the Appropriate ® or ™ Symbol
    A trademark that has been registered with a trademark office in the applicable jurisdiction is noted with a ®. A trademark that has not been registered with a trademark office is noted with a ™. iGrafx requests that when you refer to our trademarks and registered trademarks you refer to them properly. Proper reference includes the use of the appropriate ® and ™ symbol at the first and most prominent reference, or as soon as practicable thereafter. For a complete listing of iGrafx registered trademarks please consult the iGrafx registered trademark list. For information regarding unregistered trademarks owned by iGrafx, please contact the Permissions Department.Once marked, it is not necessary to mark subsequent appearances of the trademark in the work; however, all headings, titles and subtitles in the work that reference iGrafx trademarks should contain the proper attribution. It is not necessary to include ® or ™ symbols in table of contents or indexes.If the character set of your project lacks special symbols and superscript characters, use the following substitute trademark notices. Note the capitalization and spacing.(R) instead of ®
    (tm) instead of ™
  2. Provide Appropriate Trademark Attribution
    Include an attribution statement when using any iGrafx trademarks. The statement should read:”[All of iGrafx’s trademarks used, beginning with “iGrafx” followed by any other marks in alphabetical order] are trademarks or registered trademarks of iGrafx, LLC and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.”If it is not feasible to include the attribution statement (and if it is not required by any agreement you may have with iGrafx), it is acceptable to use a general-purpose attribution statement in a form such the following:”All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.”
  3. Use iGrafx Trademarks as Proper Adjectives
    Trademarks are adjectives used to describe a specific person, place or thing. As a result, iGrafx trademarks must be used as an adjective with a generic noun at the first and most prominent use of the trademark in any document or section of a document (e.g. at the first use in each chapter of document), and as often as possible thereafter.Example: When installing the iGrafx® FlowCharter® program…
  4. Trade Name vs. Trademark
    The term “iGrafx” when used to refer to iGrafx software or an iGrafx product is a trademark and its use is governed by the general guidelines set out in this section. However, when “iGrafx” is used in text only to refer to iGrafx, LLC or its subsidiaries, it is being used as the company’s trade name, not as a trademark and is not subject to general trademark usage rules. For example, it is permissible to use “iGrafx” in the possessive if it is clearly being used as a trade name rather than as a trademark, as in “iGrafx’s software products.” When “iGrafx” is used as a trade name, no
    trademark symbol or attribution is necessary (i.e. do not use the ® symbol).
  5. Never Use a Trademark in the Possessive
    Incorrect: iGrafx® Process Central®’s outstanding productivity…
    Correct: The outstanding productivity of iGrafx® Process Central®…
  6. Never Use a Trademark in the Plural
    Incorrect: Choose any of the iGrafx® Enterprise Modeler®s…
    Correct: Choose any version of iGrafx® Enterprise Modeler®…
  7. Never Include a Trademark in a Hyphenated Phrase
    Incorrect: iGrafx® FlowCharter® compatible macros…
    Correct: Macros compatible with iGrafx® FlowCharter®…
  8. Do Not Shorten, Abbreviate or Create Acronyms from iGrafx Trademarks
    Incorrect: iGrafx PfEM
    Correct: iGrafx® Process™ for Enterprise Modeling
  9. Capitalize Trademarks as They Appear in the iGrafx Trademark List
    Incorrect: iGrafx® Flowcharter®
    Correct: iGrafx® FlowCharter®
  10. Never Combine an iGrafx Trademark With Your (or Another Third Party’s) Trademark/Product Name
    iGrafx trademarks are used to distinguish products manufactured and sold under license by iGrafx from those of others. Combining iGrafx trademarks with trademarks or product names of others would confuse consumers as to which company is the source of the product.

iGrafx Registered Trademark List

This is a listing of some of iGrafx’s most commonly used product names, showing the correct spelling and trademark attribution. This list is subject to change. For enquiries regarding product names and trademarks not included on this list, please contact the Permissions Department.

  • iGrafx®
  • iGrafx® FlowCharter®
  • Process Central®
  • Enterprise Modeler®
  • Enterprise Central®
  • iGrafx® IDEF0®
  • Swimlane®
  • iGrafx ROPE™ Solution

This list does not include unregistered trademarks owned by iGrafx. For information regarding iGrafx’s unregistered trademarks please contact the Permissions Department.

All listed trademarks are owned by iGrafx, LLC or one of its subsidiaries. Where a product name consists of more than one trademark, proper attribution must be given for each trademark.

For example, if the product name is iGrafx® FlowCharter®, the proper attribution is: “iGrafx and FlowCharter are registered trademarks of iGrafx, LLC.”