Process Design with Real-Time Intelligence 

The products and capabilities of Process360 Live combine next-generation operational intelligence, automation, and process design to transform your business.


Build Better Outcomes from the Start

Whether it’s keeping all essential processes in a single repository, modeling customer journeys, or managing compliance risk, design is a key factor for future prosperity.

Select the product that best matches your current challenge or interest: 

Customer Journey

To succeed in a competitive market, it’s essential for enterprises to understand the customer, whether users seek shortcuts or prefer the scenic route.

Performance, Risk, and Compliance

Manage critical business process performance based on measured data while identifying operational or regulatory risks. 

Process Modeling

Expand on the value of mapping with multidimensional process models that visually recreate real-time data, simulate changes, and more.

Process Repository

Stay one step ahead of the competition with the process repository designed for today’s digital users and a single source of truth for business process.

Want to Learn More?

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Visualize the Past to Architect the Future 

With process mining, organizations can reveal their most critical business processes as they exist today, while using scenario simulation to consider the right path forward. 

Select the product that best matches your current challenge or interest: 

Process Mining

Patent-pending process mining technology combines with machine learning and artificial intelligence in an easy-to-use, highly functional interface.

Scenario Simulation

The support and management of optimal process excellence requires intelligent analysis with the simulation of results for discovering, designing, validating, and continuous process improvement. 

Take a Best Practice to the Next Level 

When it comes to automation, businesses want to replicate only the most efficient processes to ensure success. Once existing processes are approved, it’s go time. 

Select the product that best matches your current challenge or interest: 

Workflow Automation

Create reliable, repeatable processes to trim costs and lead times while gaining transparency into process performance.