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iGrafx products enable different roles in the business to contribute to their company’s quest for process excellence. iGrafx provides business, IT and process experts with tools to accomplish their tasks most effectively while providing a single platform for process improvement.

iGrafx’s industry leading tools in process modeling and analysis can be used either on their own or in collaborative environment to benefit from collective process knowledge. iGrafx enterprise modeling incorporates process architecture, business architecture and enterprise architecture into one enterprise-wide platform for process management and improvement, including ERP project management for organizations running SAP. To support continuous process improvement, iGrafx process performance management monitors and measures strategic processes.

Regardless of size, industry or process maturity, iGrafx products enable organizations to take their process programs to the next level towards process excellence.

Process Modeling & Analysis

Capture, Analyze and Design your processes as a foundation for continuous improvement

Collaborative Process Management

Centralize process knowledge and improvement efforts for operational efficiency

Enterprise Modeling

Define and Analyze multidimensional views of process-driven organizational models

Process Performance Management

Monitor your process behavior and operational effectiveness

Modeling for SAP

Manage SAP projects from a process perspective

iGrafx Cloud

Use iGrafx on-premise or in the Cloud