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iGrafx Business Transformation Platform

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform enables organizations to connect strategy to execution while mitigating risk, ensuring compliance, and providing a framework for governance and continuous business improvement.  Our platform is an award winning, cloud-based easy-to-use, Business Process Management (BPM) software that allows your organization to meet today’s increasing challenges of capturing and optimizing business processes, while executing strategic vision, optimizing customer experience, operationalizing governance, risk & compliance (GRC), and delivering holistic quality management (QMS).

Your processes are the center of everything you do and understanding them provides the foundation for success. Regardless of whether you are implementing a Business Process Management (BPM) program, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project, or working to optimize your Customer’s Experience, you will only succeed if your processes are clearly defined and understood.  The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform offers you an integrated way to capture, model, optimize, audit, execute and monitor processes at the speed of innovation.

We also recognize that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution.  That is why iGrafx is designed to support your business process and workflow management software needs, no matter where you are in the process journey.

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides you with all the tools needed to capture, build up, optimize, and leverage your Process Knowledge turning your Processes into Valuable Assets.

Platform Benefit Highlights…

iGrafx Solutions: process knowledge management

Process Knowledge Management

Process Knowledge Management

Process Performer Role:

  • View the right information at the right time via approved Diagrams, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Process Narrative reporting provided by the Process Designer
  • Follow defined key “Paths”, with the powerful Path Stepper capability to execute consistently and accurately thereby reducing rework and increasing efficiency of the workforce.
  • Collaborate with the Process Designers to make sure any newly uncovered knowledge is communicated back to those responsible for maintaining process accuracy and optimal workflow management.
  • Powerful “google-type” search capability and personal dashboards for quick access to routine process information and making information about rarely executed processes easy to locate.
  • Many other features designed for Ease of Use enabling the Process Performer to leverage the critical expertise captured in your Process Knowledge Center.

Process Designer Role:

  • Easily capture process knowledge through powerful yet easy to use diagramming features and templates for BPMN & Customer Journey.
  • Customizable shape palette and diagram templates.
  • Ensure business processes are performed accurately and consistently with SOPs and preferred paths of execution.
  • Import existing process diagrams or process mining information through extensive import capabilities
  • Allow process performers to contribute and collaborate using comments.
  • Use iGrafx Quick-Mapper capability to expedite process capture and workflow management.
  • Many other simple and advanced diagramming features including references to related processes, stakeholders, supporting systems, digital workforce, etc.

solution overview: process knowledge management

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

  • Basic Process Modeling and Analysis capabilities with powerful integration to advanced Process Analysis features
  • Using the additional Automation component, turn your process knowledge into executing processes.
  • Distinctive Change Management capabilities that allow planned future states to be documented and released at a future date without disrupting the current workflow.
  • Using the additional Performance Management component, monitor process information captured within the Process Knowledge Center

process modeling analysis

Process Compliance

Process Compliance

  • In-depth “change history” capabilities for traceability and ownership.
  • Powerful Change Management features leverage the distributed expertise within the company for documentation Review, Approval, Endorsement, and Acknowledgement workflows to ensure that updates are clearly approved and communicated so everyone is working from the correct version.
  • Flexible reporting for visibility to the state of transformation projects and tracking of pending actions.
  • Best-in-Class Audit Resiliency capabilities that freeze the process and relationships in time of at the moment of Approval, ensuring the process performers and auditors always have accurate information.

Effective Business Transformation with iGrafx

Armed with the above tools to create a transparent and effective Process Knowledge repository for the operations of your organization, the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform gives you the power to connect the dots to key Business objectives providing line of sight to operational impact of Strategic Initiatives.  This is enabled through a rich set of Business Objects and powerful impact and gap reporting capabilities.

Examples of Strategy to Execution include:

  • Strategy Definition: Using the Performance Management component, define the goals and objectives of your Strategic Initiatives and then identify where operational measurements should be monitored.
  • Customer Experience: Connect the steps of a Customer Journey to the systems and processes that impact what your customer encounters.
  • GRC: With the addition of the Risk & Compliance component, tie operational risk instances to mitigating control instances in support of Corporate Risk guidelines creating operational risk transparency and trackability.
  • Business Continuity & Data Protection: See where data is at risk from not only a system perspective but, just as important, from the operational perspective. Also understand the business impact from your Supply Chain to see where you must create critical redundancies.
  • Digital Transformation: By knowing which processes are critical to your business objectives, prioritize your automation efforts while making sure you stay in compliance.

In addition to the powerful features of the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform described above, the entire solution is Enterprise Class in terms of performance and scalability.  Not only is it cloud based, but it also provides a Multi-lingual UI designed for easy creation of multi-lingual content for effective use in worldwide organizations.

iGrafx Business Transformation Platform Overview

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