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Lean Six Sigma

Breakthrough Improvements with iGrafx

The power of Six Sigma to solve quality problems and the ability of Lean to show how to perform processes the right way can be performed separately or be combined to deliver a complete and powerful approach for sustainable process excellence. iGrafx provides companies with a unique solution for Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma to help them improve their processes, eliminate waste and better serve their customers.

Performance Management Software von iGrafx

Statistical design of experiments and data collection in Lean Six Sigma projects.

Leading manufacturing and service companies, as well as progressive governments and organizations, rely on iGrafx for their Lean Six Sigma initiatives. Our solutions help organizations improve their bottom line by satisfying customer demand for quality while providing a managed environment for developing and sharing process knowledge.

Value Stream Maps with iGrafx

Organizations use iGrafx to help them visualize and model processes and plant changes prior to making potentially costly, inaccurate modifications. Our tools will enable companies to document, manage and share critical information such as Value Stream Maps to maintain a history of current state and future state maps. As a Lean Six Sigma professional, iGrafx empowers you to:

  • Leverage the power of Lean techniques and the Six Sigma methodology in a single, integrated solution
  • Improve communication and awareness through easy to understand diagrams based on accepted Lean standards
  • Facilitate communication and preserve historical knowledge with centralized knowledge management and control
  • Improve awareness of project details and benefits through dynamic links between Lean tools
  • Gain an accurate understanding of the impact of process changes prior to implementation with what-if analysis
  • Drive down cost and duration of experiments through simulation
  • Realize benefits sooner by reducing the length of your project timeline

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Additional Resources

The results of pairing Business Process Management with a continuous process improvement initiative using Six Sigma can be dramatic. This white paper introduces you to how a business process management approach can be applied within DMAIC, the five phases generally associated with the Six Sigma methodology.