Process360 Live Process Design

Design better processes, achieve better outcomes.

Go beyond simple process modeling with advanced process design to continuously optimize the processes your business relies on. Centralize enterprise process knowledge, leverage real-time insights, and simulate changes.

Transform your processes to deliver better business outcomes

Process Improvement

Eliminate inefficiencies and make improvements where they’ll have the biggest impact.


Ace your next audit and avoid regulatory risk with complete governance, controls and reporting.

Customer Experience

Understand and optimize every interaction in your customer journey to ensure satisfaction.

Collaborate for process excellence

Design responsive process models that align with business strategies and goals with a ‘single source of truth’ for process intelligence.

Stay compliant

View requirements and controls related to process designs to avoid policy and regulatory non-compliance.

Perform what-if? analysis

Simulate and test proposed process improvements to understand outcomes before changes are made.

Analyze to make smart decisions

Uncover opportunities for meaningful improvements with in-depth process analysis, dashboards and KPIs.

Understand the enterprise-wide impact of change

Gain complete transparency into where and how a change will affect stakeholders and resources.

Create accurate customer journey maps

Map every touchpoint in the customer journey to uncover pain points and develop targeted improvement strategies.

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Find out how combining process mining, design and automation can transform your processes into a competitive advantage.