Process360 Live Process Mining

Process intelligence to unlock transformation.

Use the data from within your IT applications to get an accurate and detailed understanding of business processes. Uncover inefficiencies and bottlenecks and make game-changing improvements.

Turn insights into action with process intelligence and advanced analysis.​

Process Improvement

Eliminate inefficiencies and make improvements where they’ll have the biggest impact.


Ace your next audit and avoid regulatory risk with complete governance, controls and reporting.

Customer Experience

Understand and optimize every interaction in your customer journey to ensure satisfaction.

Actionable insights to drive better business outcomes

Transparency into complex processes

Gain in process optimization

Improvement in process efficiency

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Analyze the order-to-cash journey, uncovering bottlenecks and inefficiencies, paving the way for streamlined operations, increased customer satisfaction, and faster revenue realization.


Uncover the details of your procure-to-pay cycle, highlighting areas of delay and inefficiency, enabling effective procurement strategies, streamlined workflows, and maximum savings.

Materials Management

Examine real-time process, data to streamline procurement, optimize inventory levels, and enhance distribution pathways for improved materials management.

Customer Onboarding

Pinpoint areas of delay or friction that hinder a seamless experience to streamline steps, improve customer interactions, and ensure a faster, more efficient onboarding process.

Automatically discover your processes

Capture digital footprints from your systems to get complete visibility into actual process performance.

Monitor processes in real-time

Pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies and understand where improvements can bring the biggest gains.

Ensure consistent execution

Compare discovered processes with models and business rules to identify deviations, non-compliance, and potential risks.

Analyze processes inefficiencies

Find the root causes behind inefficiencies or deviations to drive targeted improvement initiatives.

Predict in-flight & future process behavior

Forecast the future with intuitive prediction models that flag problems before they occur.

Drive process innovation

Create accurate simulation models from actual performance metrics for what-if testing and proposed improvements analysis.

Analyst Report

iGrafx Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Process Intelligence Software, Q3 2023

iGrafx receives highest possible ranking across 11 criteria, including Vision, Process Simulation, and Improvement Detection. 

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