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Deploy, run and control efficient processes to complete the cycle of improvement

  • Ensure processes are performed accurately and more efficiently.
  • Friendly UI guides users through automated processes step by step.
  • Visibility of work to do.
  • Monitor running processes.

Give business teams the independence to automate their processes

  • Create drag & drop BPMN diagrams with UI for business people.
  • Define workflow, rules, and data flow with other IT systems.
  • Deploy models to automated workflow in a single click.
  • Accelerate design time with best practice templates for multiple industries and specific processes.
  • Fast-track design time with best practice templates and business-centric “Smart Form” design tools.

Connect disparate systems with one automated workflow

  • Architect sophisticated connectors to various systems via advanced component creation.
  • Business-centric designer leverages these connectors for more advanced processing.

Feed real data back into simulation models to uncover improvement opportunities

  • Capture & extract transaction frequency, activity duration sampling, or other attributes.
  • Reference extracted data in simulation model, e.g., transactions generators.
  • Look for additional optimization opportunities, tune and redeploy improved workflow.

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