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First off, let us commend you for recognizing the need to have a business continuity plan. This is a crucial first step on your business continuity and resiliency maturity journey.  Here are a few things to consider as you get started:

  • While identifying and documenting your business-critical processes, be sure to also identify the primary and alternate resources that will be necessary to perform the work and make crucial business decisions. When considering resources, do not forget the applications and system that will be needed for that work to be performed and any external vendors that contribute to the supply chain. All this information will be extremely valuable in training and migrating staff into position when needed due to a business continuity event.
  • If you haven’t already, your company will want to establish a formalized change management program for the implementation, monitoring, and governance of processes, people, and technology related to your business-critical processes.  Automating this governance will enhance adherence to the plan and help ensure readiness for a continuity event or other organizational needs.
  • Be sure to identify and document all relevant risks, regulatory requirements, and controls related to those business-critical processes and be able to identify impacts of regulatory change.
  • Consider disruptions to your supply chains, the effect those will have on product and service delivery, and most importantly, on your customer’s experience.
  • Monitor and measure the health of all business-critical processes by establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), including when to switch into and out of contingency mode.

As you move forward with your Business Continuity & Resiliency planning, it will also be important to ensure you are doing so using a process centric business modeling methodology. Doing so will align the work you are doing to many other operational use-cases including compliance, digital transformation, and customer experience.

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