Connecting Process to Performance

From the customer journey to regulatory compliance, iGrafx insight informs process improvement to drive performance.

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Driving the Results of Tomorrow 

The success of business or strategic initiatives depends on process. Whether that is optimizing for operational excellence or identifying areas of the business for digital transformation, iGrafx is here. 

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Customer Experience

Customer experience optimization is critical to improving loyalty and retention. With iGrafx, you can fully understand user impacts and touchpoints across customer personas.

Operational Excellence

Outmaneuver your competitors with better business practices. With iGrafx, you can streamline business processes to create healthier, more efficient organizations.

Digital Transformation

What outcome are you trying to achieve? Whether you are considering automation, a new process, or streamlining an existing one, iGrafx has the experience to ensure your digital transformation is a success.

Risk and Compliance

Minimizing risk and complying with regulations is a mandate of many corporations. Get the platform, resources, and insight to ensure consistency and conformance, as well as to ensure that risks are accurately tracked and managed.

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Process at Work

Global changes have affected businesses in nearly every industry. Managing the digital transformation amidst supply chain issues, shifting consumer behavior, and other challenges have focused efforts on process improvement.

Select the topic that best matches your current challenge or interest: 

Financial Services

Find out why iGrafx successfully supports five of the world’s largest banks as they ensure the maximization of efficiency, maintain compliance, and minimize risks across their business.


Whether its automotive, home, health, or life, with iGrafx, insurance process leaders can manage and streamline processes for better employee and customer experiences.


iGrafx empowers the health-related industry to adapt to ever-changing landscape of policies and practices so that providers can focus on what matters – the patient.


iGrafx helps manufacturers more easily manage the process detail necessary to navigate inventory and supply chain disruptions while also optimizing the manufacturing process for improved customer outcomes.


In a highly competitive industry, iGrafx helps telecom service providers develop processes to keep up with regulations and recognize the customer journey to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

Make Smarter Decisions

with Process

Business process management can mean many things. From process discovery and journey mapping to robotic process automation (RPA) organizations seek a competitive edge with iGrafx. 

Select the topic that best matches your current challenge or interest: 

Integrated Document Management

Learn how connecting process to each underlying instruction, document, or object helps achieve a centralized system to speed process monitoring, make adjustments, and train departments.

Process Discovery

The first step in process design is a complete discovery of process. Find out how iGrafx incorporates process design plus operational intelligence to create a complete discovery of systems, processes, and intelligence.

Journey Mapping & Modeling

Mapping and Modeling are two required steps for optimal process performance. Find out how iGrafx helps companies implement mapping and modeling to remove barriers, showcase gaps, and find opportunities to improve experience.

Process Portfolio Management

Learn how using iGrafx as a centralized command center improves visibility into your system portfolio to manage changes and reduce complexity.

Robotic Process Automation

Automation is a critical tool to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Find out how iGrafx helps organizations make smart automation decisions to ensure investment success.

Performance Management

Process management also informs performance management. The iGrafx platform includes the integration required to create KPIs on strategic goals that rely on underlying process performance.