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Business Architecture

Enterprises MUST have end-to-end transparency and understanding of how their business operates in its current state BEFORE they can successfully transform. iGrafx connects the dots and links an enterprise’s crucial business processes to strategic initiatives like customer experience, ensuring that digital transformation technologies are leveraged in the right place at the right time with the right results.

When disruptions occur, do not get stuck in the space between transformational strategy and the ability to transform your operations and execute the activities necessary to realize it. iGrafx provides the ability to clearly link and align your strategic vision with the current operational state, the countless actions, process changes, and organizational shifts necessary to transform, all while maintaining resiliency and optimization. We call this your Business Architecture.

Business Modeling

Augment the processes you have captured by enabling the identification of critical business impact on your operations using Business Modeling and Architecture concepts like Process Ownership, Risk Management, System & Application dependencies, Supply Chain, Customer Experience, and other end to end aspects of your operations.

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides award winning Business Modeling & Architecture capability with an industry leading Gap & Impact Reporting engine to allow you to see levels of transparency in your business not visible before.  This key capability allows for meaningful change management by understanding impact before a change is applied and enabling clarity to make critical business decisions related to business transformation & continuity and ensure organization alignment.

Organizational Alignment

Making sure each part of the organization is delivering value is becoming harder as competitive pressures drive companies to do more with less. How will you ensure you are allocating limited resources to where it will make the biggest difference?

With iGrafx, companies align operational processes, business competencies, business capabilities and performance metrics to strategic goals in a reusable business architecture that helps ensure the work you do is delivering real business value. Going beyond manual processes, prioritize transformation projects, such as RPA and workflow automation, to determine which processes should be your focus. Using the power of process knowledge, engage and educate the workforce on how they are contributing to value creation by modeling and aligning people, processes and systems with goals and strategies. The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides the foundation for analysis and communication of how each contributes to the delivery of business value, turning your business processes into business assets.

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