Map a Journey to Success

The most competitive businesses in the world are the ones that know their customers and serve their needs most effectively.


Know Before They Go

Customer experience optimization is critical to improving loyalty and retention, while also driving new sources of top-line revenue growth. In most cases, users don’t report their pain points, they simply discontinue the relationship. However, solutions that identify the needs and predict the intent of customers deliver a crucial advantage to businesses.

By supporting customer experience with iGrafx, businesses can: 

Map, model, and document customer-facing processes to understand user impacts and touchpoints more fully across personas.
Visualize interactions directly linked to the operational model from the point of view of the customer, user, partner, or product. With process mining, discover hidden processes or variations that may be affecting customer experience.
Ideate, benchmark, and test process changes with confidence using scenario simulations that replicate customer impact, before going live.
Enjoy support for journey mapping and obtain reporting on customer experience processes as they evolve. 
Benefit from a unified solution for optimizing processes, integrate with CRM and other systems to seamlessly model journeys.
Reduce waste with detailed visuals and economics of every activity needed to deliver value to customers from start to finish with value stream mapping.

Journey Modeling Beyond Mapping

Create journey maps and models for customers, employees, partners, and more. Link processes with journey elements and display your results. 


Cox Communications 

Find out how a top communications service provider successfully migrated to the cloud with iGrafx. 

Want to Learn More?

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Customer Experience and Business Continuity


Process Map Versus Process Model

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