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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is quite possibly the most overused — and at the same time misunderstood — buzzword in decades. Many feel overwhelmed by not only defining it, but also by understanding and embracing the tasks and technologies associated with it.

Enterprises have been led to believe that Digital Transformation is only about applying technology, such as RPA or workflow automation.  They believe that Digital Transformation can help build competitive advantage, improve customer experience, and ultimately drive ROI (and they are right), but they do not understand how to get from their vision to the operational reality. However, Digital Transformation is in fact a subset of the broader term, Business Transformation.

It is important to understand that Digital transformation IS NOT a project. Done properly, you will never be finished. The incremental steps after your first few quick wins will be ever more complex. In fact, full achievement of desired results often requires rethinking the way processes are executed. It is this commonly overlooked redesign phase which requires a more complete solution than just Automation tools.

Whether through traditional process mapping and modeling methods or integration with various process mining tools, the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform will help you identify critical processes to redesign and/or automate, while mitigating risk, ensuring compliance, and providing a business architecture framework for governance and continuous business improvement, to effectively drive promised digital transformation ROI.

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