Start with the right process whether digitizing a single business function, implementing RPA, or evolving from physical to online operations. 



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Global shifts have accelerated the pace of digitization. To adapt and thrive in this technological landscape, your business must evolve. While automation can deliver advantages, organizations are challenged to first ensure that processes are optimized so that inefficiencies are not amplified.

By supporting digital transformation with iGrafx, businesses can:

Simulate impact to systems, customer experience, and other initiatives or end-to-end process flows based on business priorities.
Use process mining to gain an accurate representation of operations including non-standard or hidden processes.
Model and document new digitized processes, capturing knowledge from multiple stakeholders and establishing best practices.
Clarify how digitized processes are performing easily and quickly with robust performance management capabilities.
Consolidate process efforts with a unified system from process discovery to modeling, to execution in a comprehensive solution.
Reduce implementation costs and consulting fees, while enjoying a faster time to value with a trusted and proven solution.

Process Automation: Increase Workplace Efficiency

Find out the advantages of process automation, what to automate, and which functions are available today in this webinar. 


5 Critical Capabilities of a BPM Platform 

Digital transformation is a strategic challenge for companies. However, choosing the right business process management platform can make the steps to achieving digital transformation much more intuitive, and dramatically increase likelihood of success. 

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What is Digital Transformation?

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