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Improve the quality of care for patients across hospitals and healthcare networks alike by standardizing processes. Continuous improvement to programs leads to more patients served while cutting costs. 


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Healthcare organizations continue to step bravely into the forefront of providing patients with the medical assistance they need. Whether it is financial or medical, iGrafx empowers companies with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of policies and practices so healthcare providers can focus on what really matters; the patient.

With iGrafx, healthcare companies can: 

Adapt company processes to a better patient journey, improved patient care, and experience.
Cut the waste and reduce the cost by optimizing processes.
Improve operations and programs while staying aligned with business goals.
Keep processes in compliance with regulations to improve accountability and transparency.
Prevent the risks that may occur during a company-wide process change.
Analyze end-to-end processes to monitor their performance quality.

Hospital Tracks Inefficiencies with Simulation

Highly rated metropolitan hospital turns to iGrafx for help managing budget control challenges. 

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Automation for Healthcare

Case Study

Large Metropolitan Hospital


Process for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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