Programmed for Care

Prioritize customer care through uniform programs and standards with powerful tools that organize and distribute company-wide processes.


A look of Potential

Insurance companies from automotive, home, health, life, and more all understand the importance of managing and streamlining communications between processes and departments. With iGrafx software solutions, insurance companies can capture, model, and monitor their processes.

With iGrafx, insurance companies can: 

Redesign and automate processes to support customer experience.
Reduce costs by making processes more efficient.
Align business strategy with new improvements to company processes.
Increase accountability and process transparency company-wide.
Mitigate risks while changing over organizational processes.
Keep track of how well processes are performing from end to end.

Want to Learn More?

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Exchanging Process for Outcomes

One enterprise manages over 250,000 claims a year, totaling £8 billion for the London insurance market alone. When it was time to improve processes, they partnered with iGrafx to turn process into advantage.



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