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Performance Management

Enterprises MUST have end-to-end transparency and understanding of how their business operates in its current state BEFORE and AFTER they initiate improvements to validate successful transformation.

With iGrafx Performance Management capabilities, organizations get clear visibility into how processes are performing to quickly identify areas of improvement, as well as transparency to understand the connections between the enterprise’s crucial business processes, business architecture and the overall customer journey to prevent disruption and improve customer experience. Then once changes have been made, this visibility guarantees ongoing and sustainable performance. When it comes to RPA and Automation, we help organizations ensure that digital transformation technologies are leveraged in the right place at the right time with the right results. In short, iGrafx connects the dots between digital transformation vision and compliant operational reality.

To help with this, the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform provides integration capabilities that bring performance data from various systems into key performance indicators related to either the process or strategic goals that drive them.

Combining the concepts of Strategy to Execution (through Business Architecture connecting the dots between business goals and operational activity) and Measuring Performance in the context of the wider business objectives, the iGrafx Business Transformation Platform enables impactful and sustainable business transformation at the speed of innovation.

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