Risky Business

Publicly held companies and those in highly regulated industries must effectively manage business risks through appropriately governed processes. 


A Higher Standard

The larger and more complex an enterprise grows, the more companies are increasingly subject to new or modified regulatory requirements and standards imposed by the governing bodies of their industry or from government mandates. 

By supporting regulation and compliance with iGrafx, businesses can:

Ensure consistency and conformance of process with solutions for standards like GDPR, HIPAA, ISO, and more.
View KPI information via customizable dashboards and make decisions to ensure risks are tracked and managed.
Model and document relevant processes to comply with requirements from a single source of truth across personas. ​
Discover both hidden processes and subtleties of known processes using process mining to establish baseline and controls documentation.​
Simulate process scenarios with confidence of conformance to standards and compliance controls before making changes.
Accelerate deployments and empower teams to understand their own processes with less complexity.

Real I.S.

Due to strong growth, German enterprise Real I.S. now manages a greater number of regulatory requirements with iGrafx.


Control Complexity: Optimization, Efficiency, Compliance, and Risk Management

Innovate product and service delivery, manage complex change, and deliver enhanced performance with less effort.

Want to Learn More?

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Manage and Evaluate Risks

Case Study



Dodd Frank Regulations


Risk Management: Here to Stay

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