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Operationalizing GRC

Confidence through Process Management and Control

With today’s regulatory compliance requirements, companies now have a mandated catalyst to becoming process-centric organizations. iGrafx can help companies meet the requirements of GDPR, OCC Sarbanes-Oxley, healthcare (HIPAA), PCI, ISO, environmental and other regulations in a structured, controlled and secure way. With iGrafx, companies can confidently develop an integrated view of their business processes and information flows including risk and control points that are necessary for compliance.

iGrafx enables companies to:

  • Comply with requirements for documenting processes through visual process maps
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of models with a metadata repository
  • Ensure model validation through customizable approval steps
  • Ensure document access control through advanced security
  • Achieve wider adoption through strong usability
  • Consistently share process knowledge that is accurate and up-to-date
  • Use workflow automation to ensure proper communication and expedited efficiency
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