Create and Manage a Digital Twin of Your Business

Transform customer experience, boost agility, and align vision and goals with business and operational processes.

A digital twin of an organization (DTO) is the virtual representation of an organization in terms of its processes, business models, and strategies. It allows businesses to build, operate, analyze, and adjust digital models, creating real-time business updates and responses to changes.

A DTO differs from a digital twin of a device in that it also includes the modeling of human behavior in business operations. It reflects what humans actually do instead of what they are believed or expected to do, based on business process activities and workflows.

Only Process Transparency Yields Process Improvement

To remain competitive, organizations need methods to increase efficiencies while driving improved customer experiences. However, without reliable visibility into the as-executed processes of their organization, it is nearly impossible to make meaningful change. Often a business will revise a known process without impacting results. The reason for this is not all processes occur as written.

For optimization initiatives to be effective, stakeholders need to have awareness into what is happening. This can be accomplished with a DTO, provided that the data going into the creation of the DTO is accurate.

A DTO solution typically includes functionalities for:

  • comprehensive data integration
  • process mining
  • process modeling and visualization
  • process simulation
  • process monitoring and analysis
  • communication and collaboration
  • process optimization and model calibration

An effective DTO commonly relies on process mining, starting with the deep discovery of existing systems. All interactions can then be mapped back to the intended design and businesses gain a more holistic approach to process improvement. Using this model, organizations can accelerate digital business transformation initiatives, transform customer experience, boost business and operational agility, align vision and goals with business and operational processes, and more.

A Successful DTO Delivers Improved Customer Experience and Satisfaction

In a real-life example, iGrafx customers in the healthcare and medical device industry leverage process intelligence to create a DTO so that patients can receive the same high-quality patient care at multiple centers globally. With an accurate DTO, the organization can easily open new centers at new locations and provide patients with a seamless care experience. Medical records, visit history, patient concerns, booking details, and other information are all automatically transferred from one center to another when a patient travels. For those that require continued, ongoing treatment, this service provides the patient with peace of mind at home or away.

With iGrafx, businesses can leverage patent-pending process mining technology combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence in an easy-to-use, highly functional interface. Using the right solutions, teams can better understand the original process plan, gather data on what really occurs, and seek areas for improvement and optimization.

Want to find out which solutions are leading the DTO industry? Access a complimentary copy of the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix report. For specific questions about iGrafx solutions for DTO, contact us today.

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