iGrafx Launches Education Platform iGrafx University to Provide Hands-on Training & Certification 

TUALATIN & PORTLAND, Ore., April 12, 2023

iGrafx, a worldwide leader in digital business transformation and process management, today announces the launch of iGrafx University, an education platform designed to train and enable iGrafx customers and partners. 

iGrafx University offers free eLearning, including role- and product-based learning plans, instructor-led training, enablement services and certification. Courses cover a range of topics, including iGrafx’s Process360 Live platform, business process management (BPM), process mining, process design and modeling, automation, best practice methodologies, and more. 


“We developed iGrafx University with customizable offerings to meet the needs of our growing customer base and partner ecosystem,“ said Roland Woldt, VP Global Consulting. “iGrafx is committed to equipping its users with the solutions they need to get maximum value from our solutions.”  

iGrafx University supports a wide array of learning styles with high-quality videos, recorded demonstrations, hands-on labs and training environments, workshops, and on-the-job training.  

Its certification program allows individuals to measure and demonstrate sought-after business process expertise during a time of accelerating digital transformation for today’s organizations.  

For more information about iGrafx University or to get started today, visit university.igrafx.com

About iGrafx   

iGrafx, a leader in intelligent process management, enables the world’s largest enterprises to turn process into a competitive advantage. The iGrafx platform captures and connects critical business operations for process mining, analysis, modeling, and optimization. In today’s competitive market, business leaders must align business objectives and IT systems, comply with industry regulations, automate business process, and identify and implement process efficiencies by undertaking initiatives such as RPA, Six Sigma, and Lean. With iGrafx, businesses connect the dots across these efforts to deliver results, improvements, and increase return on investment. Learn more by visiting http://www.igrafx.com. 

Contact for media inquiries: 

Don Hart, iGrafx 



Ryan Nelson
April 12, 2023
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