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Process Knowledge Management Drives Efficient Onboarding


You remember your first day on the job? It started with the obligatory paperwork, but then you were whisked away to drink from not just one but several firehoses. During this “onboarding” process you met with so many people, who introduced you to the company’s countless number of systems, terms, products, and processes that by the end of the day, you barely remembered your own name, let alone anything they tried to teach you. To complicate things further, your co-worker (we’ll call her Anne) started the same day, went through the same routine, but the what’s when’s and how’s that Anne heard are not the same.

Unfortunately, that scenario is all to common and plays out thousands of times a day in every company around the globe. In most companies, new employee onboarding is the most inefficient process they have. A process knowledge management process is an excellent way to expedite and improve how you get new workers up to speed on processes, and procedures that have been developed over time, while also providing a consistent message, and increasing knowledge about what is going on within the organization.

When it comes to onboarding, iGrafx provides the tools necessary to consistently capture work and process knowledge, and a platform to ensure that information is communicated and accessible to everyone who needs access, when they need it.

Companies benefit from in two ways:

  • When you can capture and retain the key knowledge for how work and processes are done, companies also provide the most effective way to teach and retain those skills for future use.
  • Employers are also able to take advantage of this knowledge management strategy by leveraging it to attract new employees while also allowing existing workers the ability to move up through the ranks.

Going further, a company’s ability to manage its resources is directly influenced by the knowledge it holds about each of those resources. Through process knowledge management, a company can maintain its knowledge and develop new processes that will better serve its employees, customers, and bottom-line.  When companies engage their employees in the process, workers learn about what is going on within their own company and help identify efficiencies to improve. Additionally, as clearer understanding about related processes, procedures, and performance trends are enhanced, companies become more knowledgeable about their own processes and how to use them to improve their business.

It all starts with onboarding. Using process knowledge management systems like iGrafx, a company can retain vital business process knowledge, make improvements that drive greater efficiency, and in turn lower costs.

Learn how a prominent financial firm used iGrafx to reduce new employee onboarding from 3-4 weeks to 1 day.

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