Notice of Sub-processor Change 

Created/Published online: December 28, 2022 

iGrafx is providing notice to you that the additional, new third-party sub-processors identified below may process your personal data or personal information in the delivery of iGrafx Cloud Services, iGrafx maintenance, or iGrafx technical support. 

iGrafx ECHO Support Ticket System Processor Change 

iGrafx will be changing its in-house ECHO support ticket system (built with Jira Service Desk) from an on-premises environment located in Tualatin, Oregon, to Jira Cloud, which is owned, hosted, and run by Atlassian, a well-known and respected provider of IT Service Desk solutions. With the switch to Jira Online, Atlassian will be added as a new third-party sub processor which will be providing the hosting for the online version of the iGrafx ECHO support ticket system  

This change is being made by iGrafx to take advantage of the increased frequency of fixes/features for Atlassian’s Jira Cloud versus the current Data Center offering.  

With this change, the iGrafx ECHO support ticket system, which may include certain personal data or personal information from you, will be wholly hosted by Atlassian so as to handle all ticketing information and communications with customers like email. 

You may find information about Atlassian and its security measures at: 

Please email if you would like to request additional information regarding this change or if the EU Standard Contractual Clauses (the “SCCs”) are applicable to you, you desire to raise a reasonable objection to the appointment of this new sub-processor within the time period allowed under the SCCs.