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All Sample Files Zip file containing all sample files noted below. 526 Kb


Value Stream Mapping

Diagrams are provided with permission from the Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc. publication “Learning to See”.

Lean Value Stream Map - Current State Value Stream Map reflecting the current state of the production line, with a current tact time of 60 seconds and a customer demand of 18400 pieces per month. The current lead time is 23.6 days and actual value add time is 188 seconds.326 Kb
Lean Value Stream Map - Future StateThe future state reflects a batching and a leveling of weld and assembly. This reduces inventory and shortens lead time to 5 days.382 Kb


Extended Value Stream Mapping

Diagrams provided with permission from the Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc. publication “Seeing the Whole”.

FileDescription Size
Lean Extended Value Stream Map - Current StateAlpha Motors current state production line with 46.5 days lead time but only 54 minutes of VA/T.471 Kb
Lean Extended Value Stream Map - Future State 1Alpha Motors proposed future state w/ reduced lead time to 24.5 days and in-plant time reduced by 66%.547 Kb
Lean Extended Value Stream Map - Future State 2Alpha Motors proposed future state w/ increased batch sizes and frequent transport loops to reduce lead time to 15.9 days and further reduce in-plant time by another 50%.177 Kb
Lean Extended Value Stream Map - Ideal StateAlpha Motors showing value stream compression to co-locate or relocate value added activities. The ideal state has assembly done in cells reducing lead time 94% to 2.82 days and in-plant time to 1.9 days.157 Kb


Order Process

File Description Size
Acme Order Fulfillment ProcessOrder Fulfillment process for Acme Corp. using iGrafx Process map with swimlanes. Products are built to order. Invoice and Product are joined and shipped together. File has embedded Minitab® and JMP® data for six sigma fit data analysis. File used with the iGrafx Tutorial. Current process will yield 49 items every 3 months with an average cycle time of 23.57 days. Can you improve the process?233 Kb
Acme Order Fulfillment Process with RACISame as Acme Order but with additional information to reflect RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed).245kb
Order ProcessOrder process for software disk using iGrafx Process map with swimlanes. Product may be stocked or may need to be created. Invoice and product shipped separate.172kb



Business Process Modeling Notation DiagramDiscussion group process using iGrafx BPMN template.360 Kb
Cause and Effect DiagramThis diagram type, also called a ´Fishbone´ or ´Ishikawa´ diagram, is template is used for problem management to identify possible root cause. This example addresses possible causes of flawed edges on the blades produced by the company.99 Kb
Organization ChartUsing iGrafx Org Chart template, you can easily create a chart reflecting the company structure. This is a sample of one such chart.85 Kb
Relationship DiagramA relationship diagram is used to reflect how products, services, and customers are connected. This diagram is created using the iGrafx Basic Diagram.120 Kb