Achieving Outcome-Oriented BPM for Business Process Excellence

Taking an outcome-oriented approach to business process management (BPM) helps organizations reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, mitigate risk and optimize business processes. Watch this webinar for an overview of the benefits of outcome-oriented BPM and a look at how iGrafx Process360 Live can help you achieve business process excellence.

It begins with an introduction to outcome-oriented BPM, which emphasizes the importance of defining clear goals and aligning business processes to achieve desired outcomes. Next, it provides an overview of the Process360 suite, covering key features and real-life case studies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the concept and benefits of outcome-oriented BPM
  • Introduction and application of iGrafx Process360 Live suite
  • Learn how BPM can help your organisation achieve digital transformation


Peter Franz

Peter Franz

Chief Executive Officer, BPM-D

Peter Franz has been working at the forefront of Business Process Management (BPM) for many years as part of a career with Accenture. Since co-founding BPM-D he has continued to assist several companies in strategic execution and in establishing a BPM discipline. He has developed a number of innovative approaches, relevant to the dynamic digital age, to solve implementation issues in a pragmatic and results-oriented way. He has a recognised ability to create the spark in translating a business strategy into a manageable execution strategy and then drive towards this goal. He has led very substantial change programs across several industries including Energy, Financial Services, Logistics, Travel Services, Utilities and Consumer Goods.

Shoeb Javed

Shoeb Javed

Chief Product Officer, iGrafx

Shoeb Javed is the Chief Product Officer at iGrafx. A seasoned technology executive, Shoeb brings broad experience in intelligent automation, process intelligence, and enterprise software. Previously, as CTO of Worksoft, he partnered with some of the largest global Fortune 1000 corporations, helping to automate testing of complex packaged enterprise applications to speed up project timelines and improve operations efficiencies while delivering high revenue growth. Shoeb combines his proven leadership with a collaborative approach, establishing product and technology teams that build innovative digital transformation solutions.


Phil Underhill

Philip Underhill

Sr. Alliance Director EMEA, iGrafx

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April 27, 2023

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