iGrafx Process360 Live Solution Series: Continuous Process Optimization

Featuring iGrafx Vice President of Global Consulting Roland Woldt 

In a dynamic environment, teams had to manage increased complexity, a rapidly evolving technology landscape, and surging resource constraints, by continuously and simultaneously improving capacity, cost, and end-user experience.

On March 28th, iGrafx Director of Global Marketing Don Hart presented real-life continuous process optimization scenarios. After that, iGrafx Vice President of Global Consulting Roland Woldt introduced iGrafx Process360 LiveSM and how the solution continued to meet the needs of the most dynamic and innovative businesses of that time.

In this webinar, attendees found out how to:

  • Better manage costs by optimizing business processes.
  • Apply automation more effectively and monitor and manage those automated systems to ensure expected value.
  • Deal with the issue of capacity and resources (either because of labor shortage, improving productivity, or adding new people faster)
  • Do all these while delivering new and improved customer experiences at scale.

Additionally, attendees learned how one of the world’s leading multinational industrial firms standardized 138 business processes across 28 groups, preventing over $10 million in losses.

The second in a series of four webinars developed to address common business needs, Continuous Process Optimization, concluded with a ten-minute question and answer session. 

For additional topics in process optimization, attendees could enjoy convenient access to a library of on-demand resources.


Roland Woldt

Vice President of Global Consulting


Don Hart

Director of Global Marketing

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