Strategies for Using Process Mining to Achieve Operational Excellence

Featuring Mark Shatliff, Kristijan Maurovic 

A solid strategy for discovering, visualizing, and analyzing critical business processes is key for companies looking to eliminate inefficiencies and achieve operational excellence. Process mining gives organizations the complete real-time visibility they need to understand as-is processes and identify ways to improve process execution to meet business goals. 


View our on-demand webinar to learn how process mining: 

  • Discovers as-is business processes to provide comprehensive process intelligence 
  • Improves efficiency, saves time, and drives continuous improvement 
  • Supports compliance, improves the customer experience, and reduces costs 
  • Can be combined with modeling, simulation, and predictive analytics to help companies effectively manage the end-to-end process lifecycle. 

Presenters :

Mark Shatliff

Account Executive UK

Kristijan Maurovic 

Pre-Sales Manager EMEA

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