Business Process Trends and What Keeps the Pros Up at Night

Process leaders in operational excellence attend key events to discuss emerging challenges, solutions, and strategies for 2022 and beyond.

Business process improvement experts in Amsterdam received a special treat in April at the 7th Annual Process Improvement & Operational Excellence Summit with not one, but two exciting sessions from Strategy Author & Advisor Mark McGregor, sponsored by iGrafx.

The recent return to live events offers an opportunity for industry experts, organizational leadership, and decision makers to hold critical conversations, aligning on strategy.

Setting Pace for the Year Ahead

During the first quarter of 2022, the Process Excellence Network (PEX) held the OPEX Week Business Transformation World Summit in Miami. As part of the three-day event, iGrafx leadership, sales, and marketing teams were available onsite for product demonstrations, consultations, and breakout sessions.

“Events like this are just so important, particularly as we move toward a post-COVID world,” said McGregor, after presenting an interactive discussion group on the topic of process mining and modeling for more effective management. “You know, we’ve spent the last two years all communicating on Zoom and emails and everything else. Yet so much around operational excellence is predicated on cultural change, and that means people getting together with people. So, this is an amazing opportunity to get back to reality, where we can start to share and exchange ideas and experiences and hear what other people are doing. Most of the ideas will come out of that rather than the presentation. The networking opportunity can never be overestimated.”

Process Trends and Challenges Revealed

Contributing to the conversations at OPEX this year were delegates from the world’s premiere enterprises. While discussing customer challenges and trends, iGrafx SVP of Marketing Veena Vadgama had a chance to connect with business process professionals at the iGrafx booth, to hear firsthand what’s keeping them up at night.

“What’s currently keeping people up at night are these massive digital transformation projects that they’re all looking to undertake,” said Vadgama. “For example, we talked with a mobile carrier that is looking to hire 10,000 new techs this year alone, and they’re revisiting all their onboarding, workforce automation, and employee engagement processes at the same time. They’re migrating from archaic and disparate tools, while looking for one process system that can ideally take a new employee from the interview stage to employee satisfaction stage in one go. These are enormous, complex tasks for the world’s largest companies. At this show, they’re coming to look for ideas, they’re coming to look for other case studies, other customers, other companies, and they’re just hoping to walk away with a good shortlist of which vendors, processes, and projects they need to be undertaking for the years ahead.”

Big Changes and Bigger Value

Opening the week with two significant announcements, iGrafx revealed investments in AI-led intelligent automation platform, Krista as well as the acquisition of process mining specialist, Logpickr based in Rennes, France.

“For the last 20 years, clients have been using process modeling techniques to capture information and to describe processes,” said Alexandre Wentzo Chief Strategy Officer. “But today, to be able to leverage all the data in a system and to have a true picture of what’s happening in the business is brilliant. What iGrafx is going to offer with Logpickr is unique. Knowing the vision, and where iGrafx wants to go, it will be something new for the market. I believe it to be the only one to deliver this strong technology out of the box, and to create this level of value in such a short period of time.”

“How exciting for us to have our first acquisition in history,” said John D. Barone, EVP of Global Sales. “Moving us into the mining space is all about value. It’s about doing more for our clients, adding more value to our modeling through mining, and then extending the journey. You ask how I can see us doing more. Extending that journey beyond simulation into automation to execution and having that full end to end platform that nobody else can bring to bear. I just think the opportunity is extraordinary for us in what is a great time.”

Going forward, iGrafx leadership is enthusiastic about the future of the organization and hints at more exciting changes to come. For more information, check out the video Leadership Reveals Logpickr Acquisition and What’s Next for iGrafx.

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