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Merging Next Generation Process Mining with Proven Business Process Management: iGrafx acquires Logpickr

The iGrafx Business Transformation Platform gains patent-pending process mining capabilities, targeting faster value for digi...

Checklist for selecting the right consulting partner

Environmentally Sustainable business processes: Here's what you should consider when choosing your consulting and software pa...

5 Questions with Ed – BPM Sustainability – Part 2

In part 1 of iGrafx Chief Evangelist Ed Maddock interview with the PEX Network, he spoke about the  how the past year has sh...

5 Questions with Ed - BPM Sustainability - Part 1

Recently, iGrafx Chief Evangelist Ed Maddock spoke with the team at PEX Network to discuss the current direction of Business ...

Stefan Hessenbruch in an interview with "Der Prozessmanager"

Our Director of Professional Services, Stefan Hessenbruch was interviewed about Document Management by the online portal "Der...

QuickMap - Create Process Maps without needing to Draw

Have you ever faced this scenario? You are in a meeting with stakeholders and / or subject matter experts and suddenly realiz...

Understanding your process – Step by Step

When talking about Process Knowledge Management, one of the key value propositions is providing a context for Process Perform...

Customer Journey Mapping — Where to Begin — Part 5 Improve the Experience

Improve the Experience First this WARNING: If you started reading here, please go back to the beginning. If you start here, ...

ERP Giant SAP Puts Signavio in their Pocket. What Does this Mean for You?

For the past 30 years, iGrafx has championed how understanding business processes is central to a company’s success.  Docu...

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iGrafx Named Market Leader in Business Process Management Software Customer Success Report

We are honored to have been named a Market Leader in the Business Process Management (BPM) Software category for the Winter 2...

Customer Journey Mapping — Where to begin — Part 4 Process Improvement

Having completed part 3, you now have clear data points that identify specific pain points and bottlenecks within your intern...

Customer Journey Mapping — Where to Begin — Part 3 What and How to Measure

In my past 2 articles we have discussed How to Identify and Catalog Customer Journeys and The Importance of Connecting the Bu...
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