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iGrafx Business Continuity Helps Enterprises Adapt to New Normal

We are living in times of great turbulence and many enterprises are executing business continuity plans (BCP) for the very fi...

Working Cross-Functionally to Achieve Unparalleled Customer Experiences & Longevity in Your Digital Transformation Projects

Last month we hosted our virtual iNNOVATE conference discussing the future of transformation with industry leaders from aroun...

Levels of Perspective: The Process

When I first started my speaking career, one of the main techniques I taught was “Systems Thinking”.  The concept of Sy...

Resiliency Assessment – Are you Ready?

Over the course of one week in March, many countries and companies found themselves going from operating as normal, to trying...

Three Simple Steps for Marketing Flexibility During Disruption

A guest post from Shawna Boyce, Executive Director, Accounts & Operations at Launch Marketing As the song says, “the...

The Future of Transformation

It’s been a couple of weeks since this year’s iNNOVATE, our virtual conference discussing the future of transformation wi...

A Complete Guide to Business Continuity & Resiliency

It is hard enough to deal with the very personal challenges presented the global pandemic...  How do I stay safe and healthy...

Why Transformation Requires a Process-First Mentality

Last week we wrapped up this year’s iNNOVATE conference. It was a great success and we thank everyone that attended! This y...

What Can Businesses Do to Disrupt their Industry?

A staggering 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared for this potential disrupt...

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Levels of Perspective: The Customer Journey Map

Hello everyone!!! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. It is now time for Part 3 of Perspective 2 - The Customer. ...

Customer Experience for Continuity and Resiliency

There are lots of ideas about journey mapping floating around. The customer experience is driving many businesses strategies ...

Webinar: Driving Effective Business Continuity & Resiliency thru a Process-Centric Approach

Over the last few weeks the entire globe has been thrown into a bit of chaos and uncertainty. And it really doesn’t matter ...
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