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Shark Week Meets Business Process Management

The venerable “week of the shark” got me thinking.  It’s been a year that many of the greatest shark-related clichés,...

Why Processes are the Center of Success

With digital transformation taking big strides, organizations are tasked with weathering a lot of change while staying ahead ...

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it…See What People are Saying About iGrafx

For nearly 30 years, we at iGrafx have thought of ourselves as customer centric, and we strive continuously to deliver a best...

Perspective 4 - Business Rules (Part 1)

It is time for our next perspective!!!  We are now moving into “Perspective 4, Business Rules.” For those who may jus...

Transforming Healthcare Through Innovation

When we think of the use of technology, no sector simultaneously delivers innovation and lags behind in adoption as much as t...

How to Analyze a Process

In my last two posts we have been discussing Perspective 3, “The Process”.  All of us are part of processes in our day t...

Preparation Meets Opportunity

At our recent iGrafx Virtual iNNOVATE event, Andrew Pfeiffer of Cox Communications, spoke about their pursuit of transformati...

Using Data to Make Decisions

Ian Hawkins, Head of Content at Reconnect Studio, gave the closing presentation at this year’s iNNOVATE, our global virtual...

Levels of Perspective: The Process – Creating a Process Map

In my last post, we took a moment to define what a process is and discuss many of its various components. Now let us take thi...

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The State of Digital Transformation

We have all seen the numbers. Analyst groups consistently report that when it comes to Digital Transformation, most companies...

New Research Links Process Management & Transformation Success

We just released our latest direct research, with recommendations, regarding the connection between process management and di...

Transforming Healthcare & Health Sciences Through Intelligent Automation

As you might remember, last month we hosted our annual iGrafx iNNOVATE conference, a global virtual event that discussed the ...
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