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Perspective 5 - The System (Part 2)

In my last post we began talking about The System. Just as a reminder, when I reference systems for this perspective, I am sp...

Perspective 5 - The System (Part 1)

Now that we have wrapped up Perspective 4 around Business rules and had our special bonus interview with Robert Thacker on Pr...

iGrafx Announces Appointment of Joel Trammell to Chief Executive Officer

iGrafx is pleased to announce the appointment of Joel Trammell as our new Chief Executive Officer. Joel comes to iGrafx with ...

The Awards Keep Coming

iGrafx is extremely proud to announce that we have once again been listed in the “Leader” Quadrant for Business Process M...

Requisites for Real Transformation (And Thought Leadership on Timing & Circumstance…)

People who know me also know that I’m very much attuned to the fact that often what happens in life – successes, failures...

iGrafx to Give Lecture at Digital Future Congress in Munich

iGrafx will be attending Digital Future Congress in Munich, Germany this Thursday, September 17th. The conference focuses on ...

iGrafx Sponsoring OPEX Exchange

For the past few years, iGrafx has been a proud participant of the OPEX Exchange events sponsored by the PEX Network. Much li...

Introducing a New iGrafx Partner, Scwuimac!

At iGrafx we love our partners. We have dozens of partners located throughout the world, and we are happy to introduce the la...

Case Study: Optics Balzers Heads Toward Industry 4.0 with iGrafx

Optics Balzers, the high-quality optical component specialist, needed to take a big step towards Industry 4.0 by making its p...

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Linking Strategy to Execution & Managing Processes as Assets

451 Research is a leading market research firm with more than 100 analysts and consultants focused on technology innovation a...

Perspective 4 – Business Rules (Part 2)

In my last post we discussed that a business rule defines or constrains how business operations work.  That the outcome of t...

The Guide to Using Good Data to Make Good Decisions

Not too long-ago Ian Hawkins, Head of Content at Reconnect Studios, gave a great presentation at our virtual iNNOVATE event, ...
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