French Fab. Logpickr, a start-up from Rennes that is attracting Americans

Article published on February 17, 2022 in the French daily newspaper Ouest-France about the acquisition of Logpickr:

Created in 2017, the start-up Logpickr has just been acquired by an American group specializing in digital transformation and processmanagement. A consecration for the company which will develop internationally, while remaining in its offices on the outskirts of Rennes. In Cesson-Sévigné, in the Via Silva district, the employees of the start-up Logpickr arrive at their office, as usual. However, since January 31, the rising star of the French Fab has gone under the American flag, after having impressed one of the world leaders in digital transformation. At first glance, few changes for Logpickr: the company will remain in Cesson-Sévigné under the direction of Fabrice Baranski, one of the co-founders. The takeover will above all allow the French flagship to develop internationally. A success for this unusual start-up, created in 2017.

Improve Processes 

“We have developed unique software, a kind of scanner thatallows you to see precisely what is going on withina company”, details Fabrice Baranski. “This highlights the strengths and weaknesses of an organizationand improves both the productivity of the companyand the comfort of the employees.” Applicable to all structures, from the banking sector to industry, the process mining software developed by Logpickr makes it possible to map the processes in place but also to predict the impact of such and such a change on the functioning of the company. As in a medical diagnosis, the software analyzes the organs of the company, identifies the departments that work well and shows the failing or clogged arteries to managers and leaders. Thanks to the analysis, the latter will have a clear vision of the processes implemented by their teams. Conquer the American market.

Conquer the American market 

Improving processes is a major challenge within companies to increase competitiveness. So much so that the process mining market is estimated at $7 billion worldwide. In France, Logpickr is one of the only companies specializing in this particular sector. “If we talk about process mining today in France, few people know what it is ,” continues Fabrice Baranski. However, from its beginnings, the company was supported by organizations such as Le Pool orBpifrance who saw the potential of the solution to support manufacturers. Today, Logpickr has already supported fifteen French companies. It is still little. “In France, we are a little behind in mastering and analyzing data, but in the United States the market is mature,” says the manager. With the acquisition of Logpickr by the American group iGrafx, the objective of the company is to develop in France and internationally: “iGrafx will open the doors to the American market, allow us to perfect our technology and develop new solutions, with the addition of artificial intelligence”, says Fabrice Baranski. Logpickr plans to double its workforce by 2022. It remains to find the right candidates.

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