A BBC 2018 Recap: Innovation in the Fast Lane

For the past 10 years iGrafx has been a proud sponsor of Building Business Capability, the official conference of the IIBA.

This conference focuses primarily on the role of the Business Analyst.  The talks given during the event are designed to provide the BA with insights to help them truly understand their role now, as well as how to their role may change with new and emerging technologies, tools, and best practices.

The event this year was no different with the many talks focused on how to define and capture business processes and requirements.  The theme this year dealt with analysis, what should be their key performance indicators (KPIs), how it relates to their Business Architecture, and how to make decisions quickly.  These topics came up again and again and many that stopped by to speak with us asked how to best capture and map their capabilities. Because iGrafx provides the ability to capture this information, but also relate it back to the overall business architecture, we were uniquely qualified in the room of vendors to address these concerns. 

Another big topic was how to best capture the Customer Experience & Journey with multiple sessions held by various companies relating their current understanding of, and sometimes struggles with, the practice.  Speaking on this topic, Kelly Sewczwicz, Sr. Manager Cox Communications and iGrafx customer, explained how they use iGrafx not to just capture the customer journey, but to measure the experience and relate it back to the overall business architecture, providing a full rich picture of what is involved in providing specific services to a customer.  She explained how this approach has helped them break down the barriers commonly created by silo-based thinking and has allowed Cox to be more agile in their approach to process changes and new services.  Additionally, they can prioritize work more effectively because there are clear relations to the overall corporate strategy.  This was the most well received presentation on the topic, with many expressing their jealousy over how far Cox has come within a very short period.  There is no doubt they will be viewed as a leader in their market based on how they relate to the Customer Journey.  (You can read more about Cox Customer Journey experience part 1 and part 2.)

Finally, as with every BBC event, it is always great to have the opportunity to socialize, network, and catch up with our customers.  In the context of customer experience, we took the opportunity to sit down with our friends at World Bank, Wells Fargo, and Cox to talk about how they are using iGrafx.  (Fun fact: over 90% of enhancements made to our products are the direct result of customer feedback). 

We thank everyone who stopped by our booth to say hello, get more information, or just to get a stamp for their BBC passport.  And because we are serious about ROI, as promised, all the prize winners had our stamp.  We look forward to seeing you next year in Hollywood FL.

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