Building a

Better Process

Manufacturing is a process-driven enterprise from the factory floor to the C-suite. Diligence and attention to company procedures allow organizations to thrive while maintaining global customer satisfaction. 


The Potential of Productivity

Efficiency is the driving force for manufacturing companies. To maximize your market advantage, iGrafx makes process accessible across the organization, so manufacturers can more easily manage inventory and supply chain disruptions, customer experience, including direct-to-consumer business models, staffing, regulatory compliance, and more.

With iGrafx, manufacturing companies can: 

Evolve company processes, adapting to and anticipating the ever-changing needs of customers.
Make processes more efficient to cut down on costs and streamline workflows.
Create improvements to processes that support company goals.
Boost process transparency and accountability by ensuring new programs comply with regulations.
Eliminate the pitfalls associated with changing organizational business processes.
Evaluate enterprise process performance metrics and establish best practices.

Integration of Strategic Goals

Sloan Valve needed to make big changes to increase employee productivity while cutting down on costs.

Want to Learn More?

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