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    Centene Adopts Intelligent Process Management to Achieve Strategic Goals

    Centene, a Fortune 500 healthcare company, was recently featured in a story about overcoming the many challenges facing the h...

    Ready to Transform Your Business with Process Mining?

    In the iGrafx Process Mining Overview, you will delve into the world of process mining, uncovering its advantages and applica...

    iGrafx Acquires Logpickr. What's Next?

    By capturing all of a company's data with easy to use AI and mining technology, businesses receive the power of a complete an...

    Why iGrafx? Alexandre Wentzo Discusses Appointment as Chief Strategy Officer

    As Chief Strategy Officer Alexandre Wentzo discussed why iGrafx is the best BPM Platform for Business Processes. Seeing the p...

    iGrafx Use Cases iGrafx's Head of Product Marketing, Robert Thacker, explains the six key ...

    Understanding Process to Drive Resiliency

    Process resiliency is a high priority for companies. Carl Lehmann from 451 Research discusses how iGrafx prepares businesses ...

    GDPR – You Need More Than Just Talk

    In this video we are showing you a demonstration of the iGrafx GDPR Suite. We will explain what GDPR is and how iGrafx can he...

    Key Performance Indicators

    Key performance indicators (KPIs) allows businesses the ability to track real time performance information across many types ...

    Risk and Controls

    Identifying risks in the process landscape allows businesses the ability to correct possible errors or inefficiencies in thei...

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    Creating Reusable Resource Models

    Having reusable resource models saves on the overhead cost of constantly updating multiple process models. This video shows h...

    Process-Centric Business Modeling A holistic view of company wide processes allows businesses to understand how ope...

    Cause and Effect Diagram

    Cause and effect diagrams represent the relationships between an effect and all possible influences. Learn how to create a ca...
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