Informed Automation

Realizing the promise of robotic process automation (RPA) including reduced cost and greater efficiency depends entirely upon the value of the processes being automated – choose wisely. 


Automate Top Performing Processes 

Introducing RPA into the organization can be a game changer but rushing to automate inefficient processes can amplify existing problems. Automating some tasks might yield little return, while others can have a massive impact. It is critical to understand the performance of a given process before scaling its results. 

By combining Process360 Live with RPA, organizations can: 

Standardize assessments and create reports to identify RPA candidates by effort, savings, complexity, and more.
Accurately forecast the FTE and cost savings of each individual RPA deployment.
Integrate with the Process360 Live platform to create new, or update existing process objects.
Prioritize work based on strategic corporate goals to ensure the greatest visibility and impact.
Monitor processes for compliance with Process360 Live risk management capabilities.
Report on and clearly identify where automation is deployed within your process and organization.

A Guide to RPA

Software robots are on the rise: Here is your complete guide to RPA (Robotic Process Automation). Read more on the definition of RPA and its top three benefits.


How to Select, Prioritize, and Measure for RPA

Discover why prioritization of RPA projects is key, determine how to select and then measure the success of RPA projects, and more in this informative white paper. 

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Select, Prioritize, and Measure for RPA


Automate Business Processes with RPA

White Paper

Robotic Process Automation

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