Total Value of Opportunity (TVO)

Process360 Live for Financial Services Companies

iGrafx recently embarked on an independent study with Valtics – a value analytics company – to quantify the potential economic value and ROI of the iGrafx Process360 LiveSM – Process Design Solution for Financial Services companies. 

Through their proven ROI assessment methodology and interviews with iGrafx customers in the Financial Services sector, Valtics has developed the following Total Value of Opportunity (TVO) infographic. 

Organizations using the Process Design solution can easily document, model and optimize critical business processes to drive efficiencies and improvements. The TVO includes:

  • Top five measurable benefits.
  • Estimated average annual economic impact for each benefit.
  • Assumptions and typical financial estimations – total benefits, payback, and ROI

If you’re interested in quantifying the total economic value of Process360 for your organization, please contact us

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