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iGrafx Business Transformation Platform

Evaluate iGrafx Platform Solution

For organizations in need of a single source of process knowledge for continuous improvement and business architecture, get access to:

  • Process and Work Instruction Capture and Navigation
  • Compliance Validation with Change Management
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Strategic Alignment of Operational Goals
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Modeling
  • Digital Transformation Initiative Foundation


iGrafx Desktop Solution

Evaluate iGrafx Desktop Solution

For power users who need in-depth process analysis and optimization functionality, get access to:

  • Process Modeling and Analysis
  • What-If and Discreet Event Simulation
  • Six Sigma Methodology for Design of Experiments
  • Lean Value Stream Map Auto Calculations
  • Cause & Effect Diagrams with FMEA
  • Seamless integration with the Platform