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Efficiently serving more patients while improving the quality of care: a common goal among Hospitals and Healthcare Networks across the continent. To manage a shifting patient demographics and increasing number of patients while keeping costs down requires a process-centric approach to continuous improvement, which is just what iGrafx delivers. By providing the ability to visualize and understand how processes and systems align with larger objectives, iGrafx provides healthcare organizations with the agility necessary to make strategic improvements while effectively managing change in the face of regulatory requirements and healthcare reform.


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Case Study

Parkland Memorial Hospital is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of “America’s Best Hospitals.” Read how iGrafx solutions for process improvement helped Parkland increase patient satisfaction while saving money.

Using Simulation to Help Identify Inefficiencies

“iGrafx was an excellent choice for our process improvement initiatives. It was cost-effective, very graphical and visual, and integrated with MINITAB®.”

John Cox
Director of Training and Development
Parkland Memorial Hospital