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Process Discovery & Optimization

iGrafx helps reduce the time it takes to discover, document, and automate processes while capturing business system impact, which helps you achieve a clear understanding of how to reduce waste and costs while increasing customer satisfaction. But to truly transform your business, simply automating existing process is not going to get you there. You often need the ability to redesign those processes for a fresh approach to strategic initiatives like customer experience. iGrafx gives you the tools to do it all.

Process Discovery

Through iGrafx web-based Business Transformation Platform, companies can capture, store and manage processes and all related information as reusable knowledge to accelerate projects and provide process transparency and understanding. How does this help?

Increase transparency improves onboarding by bringing siloed process knowledge out of minds of your staff and making it easily reusable to your entire organization. Our award winningEasy to Use” interface captures and document your process flows, helping your organization be more productive in developing, documenting, communicating, and managing business process information. In addition, use of Process Mining can help to discover both hidden processes as well as subtleties of known processes for accurate representation of operations.

Bottom line, iGrafx helps reduce the time it takes to discover and document processes and business system impact, and helps you achieve a clear understanding of how optimize your processes to reduce waste and costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Process Redesign

Armed with the insight of your existing processes, iGrafx has the tools to help you take a fresh approach to key business processes taking into account impact to business systems, customer experience and other strategic initiatives or end-to-end process flows based on priority of impact to your business. Applying methods like DMAIC and Lean, iGrafx helps you to transform within the digital world rather than just automate inefficient or poorly designed processes.

Process Optimization

With your processes now clearly understood and documented or even redesigned, now it is time to apply automation and monitoring for efficient execution. But further, iGrafx provides you with the ability to identify even more potential improvements and additional automation candidates. Whether through discreet event simulation to quickly test methods of optimization, or through our partnerships with Process Mining vendors to provide a clear understanding exactly who performs processes and tasks, what systems they interact with, or even how long it takes, your models and data can be imported directly into your iGrafx Business Transformation Platform and connected to your overall Business Architecture and show you how work is really performed and where there are potential compliance issues.

Imagine having the mechanisms to quickly identify candidates for possible Robotic Process Automation (RPA)Workflow Automation, or being able to run powerful Discrete Event Simulation to do what-if analysis on multiple process improvement scenarios, all without disrupting your production environment.

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