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White Paper

Performance Management: Closing the loop in the continuous cycle of BPM

Business Process Management (BPM) is the confluence of Performance Management, Process Implementation, and Process Excellence. It is an integrated approach that allows organizations to not only understand and improve their processes, but to simultaneously understand the people, process, and technology that may impact process performance. As a result, it enables a laser focus of precious resources (people, time, capital) towards efforts most likely to have the highest impact on the business.

Performance Management, Process Implementation and Process Excellence can be introduced and carried out in an organization as separate initiatives. Most organizations already have indeed invested time and money to one or all of them, however, it is frequently done in a non-integrated manner that perpetuates short-term, silo thinking and does not maximize efficiencies. Each of the individual components has independent value, but when combined in an organized BPM initiative, the whole is GREATER than the sum of its parts.

This white paper will show you what it takes to build an integrated Performance Management solution and fully realize the benefits of BPM.


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