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Process Knowledge Management Drives Efficient Onboarding

Do you remember your first day on the job? It started with the obligatory paperwork, but then you were whisked away to drink ...

Your Employees Are Going to Leave You, Are You Ready?

Workers Are Rethinking….Well….Work The pandemic has changed how we live. Some were temporary changes, like those few mont...

5 steps to green Business Processes - Part 2

Rapid climate change is driving companies to become more environmentally friendly. Sustainability already starts in internal ...

5 Steps to green Business Processes - Part 1

Sustainability in action.  Greenwashing or real change? Green issues and sustainable business ideas are now high on the age...

Harness the Power of Process Knowledge

Defining the need for Process Knowledge Management In today's global economy and competitive environment, effective process d...

Using QR-codes to transmit process knowledge

The QR code is becoming more widespread, and so is its usage. Whether used for signing up for a new app or also used increasi...

We Want to Hear From iGrafx Users!

Are you an iGrafx customer? Let us know how we are doing by sharing your experiences with <Vendor> products on Gartn...

Lock it in – iGrafx 17.8: Making your Processes Audit-Proof

If you have ever been through a process audit, you know what a challenge it can be to gather all the necessary documentation....

Business Modeling During & After Major Disruptions

When it comes to business modeling during and after major disruptions, you can safely assume new regulations are going to com...

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Can Technology Help with Risk Management?

Can technology such as process mining help with Risk Management? The answer is both Yes and No. Process Mining Process Mining...

The Key Components of a Business Discipline

In our last post, we covered the key components of a business model. Now we will take it a step further and tackle the key pi...

The Key Components of a Business Model

The first and most obvious component is creating the process landscape itself. To do so, we must understand if these processe...
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