The Week in Review

Last week iGrafx attended the OPEX Business Transformation Summit in Orlando FL. We have sponsored this event for the past 10 years and always enjoy making new contacts, and talking to our current customers about how they have used iGrafx to overcome their challenges with Operational Excellence and Business Transformation. This year was no different. Here were some of the highlights and key takeaways.

The most obvious was, after the bitter cold front that hit most of the US the week before, the sunny 60+ degree temperatures were very much appreciated

In case you missed it, one the main highlights of the show was the iGrafx press release. This brought a lot of conversation to our booth as people lined up to see what was new, with many expressing great interest in the new iGrafx Cloud and requesting more information.

Next were our three (3) FULLY BOOKED sessions on Launching a Successful Process Center of Excellence, facilitated by iGrafx Director of Professional Services, Aaron Bozeman.

According the folks at PEX, these sessions were the first and only sessions to be completely booked. They had to turn people away from registering for our topic, since they limited table size, but that didn’t stop those interested from sitting at the surrounding tables just to listen in. Why was this topic so popular? As it turns out many companies are either just starting or maturing their process CoE’s. This session allowed them to discuss and share new ways to engage leaders and groups. The participants are really trying to grow their CoE value by engaging groups such as Internal Audit, other risk teams, as well as process owners over the concept of performance management. All enjoyed the session and those that attended rated the session 4 stars.

We want to give a shout out to Kimberly Dornisch for capturing the notes from the session in such an awesome whiteboard.

Lastly, we were able to ask a few folks about where they are in their GDPR Journey. Surprisingly, many were unsure if or how they would be affected, or who in their organization was driving this initiative. There will be more on this topic in the coming weeks on our blog so be sure to subscribe and stay informed.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by to see us at the 2018 OPEX Business Transformation World Summit.  We look forward to continuing our conversations with you.

Melany Joy Beck
January 30, 2018

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